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13th Sep 2011

Tuesday // 12am // 3 years ago

Biggest Dick EVER!!!


This is def one of the biggest dicks i’ve seen EVER! could some of yall handle this big brick cock (LOL)???

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  2. yellowchonga answered: i cud
  3. sebastian46 answered: my wife and i have a dildo that’s called black balled. 11x3 we both take it balls deep when its our turn. anally but hit me up
  4. blackandhansome answered: yes
  5. kiminiyotteaisaretai answered: I’d ride it like no tomorrow
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  7. sexualexplorations answered: i can
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  9. bigdicksuperiority answered: omfg *-*
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  11. littlehorn222 answered: ITS GONNA HURT!
  12. afraidofhisownmind answered: No but I would love to play with it.
  13. thatblakckidstar answered: hell nawl that will spit somebody shit open
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  15. cannabiscaviar answered: Hell no. Thats unattractively big. I seen a 17in one its just ewww tooooooooooo big
  16. prettydreads said: i’ve seen a dick like tht only once in my life and m mouth DROPPED when u saw it. I thought it was fake lol